Thursday, 12 April 2018


As you may know it is Anzac soon and Im pretty sure every school celebrates it by doing some sort of DLO or other activity, so that what I did. This is my slide about Anzac involving research about some soldiers, my very own poem and many more. The hard part about this was thinking about what I would  put in a tin if I could, because they have to have the right food and things to put in and the tin is pretty little. My next step is to ask anyone around the community if they know anybody in world war 1 that are apart of Anzac.

Term 1 reflection

Through out these 2 weeks room 5 and 6 have been doing a Term 1 reflection where we say what we enjoyed, if we have completed our goals this term and other stuff like that. I think the hardest part for me this term was to try say at least one thing in front of the class because I am pretty shy at school. The easy part for me this year was trying new and challenging things. My next step is to try do the thing that was most hard for me on this list. I hope you enjoyed my blog post.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Lollies Lollies Maths

As you might have known from my recent post room 5 and 6 have been doing some independent work
This week is another maths problem called lollies lollies. Our maths is about explaining how we find out our answer. The hard part about this is definitely explaining because Im not really used to that. The easy part is grouping. My next step is to do something more difficult and challenging because I really want to improve. Take a look.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Maths- socks

This week room 5 and 6 have been doing some independent work including maths work. For our maths we get to pick 3 problems to solve This is my first one that I solved. The easy part about this was time sing and dividing them. My next step is to do something more challenging.

Friday, 16 March 2018

What makes kawakawa primary a good school.

This week room 5 and 6 have been writing about what makes Kawakawa a good school for a lunch shout from new world which you could sign up for. Just go to and write a peice of writing saying what you love about your school. I hope you enjoy my peice of writing and maybe you could get a few tips for your writing.

What makes kawakawa primary a good school.

Opening statement- Why is Kawakawa Primary School special. Kawakawa Primary is special because
our three values that we use at our school. Also considering we know a couple of famous
sports star. And last but not least our chromebooks and ipads.
Body- There are loads of cool, fun, interesting and other good facts about kawakawa primary.
The most important our 3 values called the 3rs ( respect, responsible, and resilient) everybody learns
about these values every year which sure everybody uses during their time at kawakawa

Another reason not that popular. we are connected to a few sports stars that used to come to
kawakawa primary not that long ago including Blair tuke who is a sailor, Jack and josh that play rugby
and a couple of others (no need to brag about it).

And last but not least our chromebooks that Kawakawa get to use. Usually other schools have to use paper and pen. But not this school. Kids at Kawakawa Primary school get their very own chromebooks. At this school kids get to use chromebooks year 4 to 8. And  year 1 to 3 get to use Ipads. Kawakawa Primary use chromebooks for loads of things including there own blogs and other fun and school stuff. Chromebooks are used everyday and some even got to take theres home.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Volvo ocean race trip

Last week 10 kids got picked to go to the Volvo ocean race in Auckland one of those people were me. It was very fun in Auckland because we got to loads of fun activity including dancing with wisdom the albatross, make plastic bag flowers, go on simulators and we even got to sail. My favorite part about the trip was sailing, going in the big globe, and seeing the yachts. Take a look at our video.

Friday, 16 February 2018


Since the start of this year room 5 & 6 have been working on there pepeha. This is mine I hope you enjoy. The hard part about it was trying to gather up all the information.  The easy part was learning it off by heart.